Our Destination

Our Destination

We are explorers at the heart of industry and commerce globally .

We are always working on discovering new horizons that meet the needs of industrial and commercial markets.

Today, we were a close solution for investors, industrialists and businessmen, providing them with our expertise and what they need in their factories and trade.

We seek to expand further in various fields, benefiting from our growing and experienced cadres and our continuous study of the surrounding markets and their needs.

We have already established a strong industrial and commercial foundation in the Middle East and North Africa.

To ensure optimal performance in the future, we focus on delivering greater value, enhancing organizational resilience, enabling continuous growth, and finding technical solutions that are able to cope with future changes..

Over the next decade, the company will continue to make significant investments in the trade of iron and plastic granules and other commercial and industrial items.

These strategic investments will contribute to the consolidation of its leading position in the Arab and foreign market and increase and increase in the Volman of investments and maintain the quality and safety standards of the world , and continue to implement our plans and programs emanating from the commercial and industrial reality in terms of needs and Discharge.
The company also seeks to implement a strategy aimed at the development of its business and achieve tight integration on the scale of iron trade in all its forms and its primary role in the industry and construction and trade in plastic granules and provide all support to customers and address all their problems in the field of shipping and distribution and marketing.

The diversification of the company's products and areas of business and its global integration will enhance the flexibility of its business system and achieve revenue as planned and with a continuous and growing growth.

The company will continue to apply a wide range of capital efficiency practices to help reduce capital costs and improve productivity to support its financial position . By focusing on the core cost structure, Volman will achieve greater efficiency and cost competitiveness without compromising safety or the environment.

The company also intends to exploit the power of innovation, technology and scientific studies to select and market industrial products in terms of iron and plastic granules that support a clean environment and aspire to a world free of pollution and environmentally friendly products.
Starting with engineering various projects in the local and international markets and devising basic inputs to these markets which may develop and change the laws of trade and industry   towards greater openness to the world and economic growth of the countries of these markets and meet the great needs of commercial and industrial , leading to the launch of innovative new products, One of our most competitive advantages is our relentless pursuit of success by maximizing the long-term positive effects of exploiting our resources and expertise.